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    <p>Over the last few years nail art has gone crazy. What started as a look that most of us couldn't pull off, has now become into something very popular. Women of every age are having some kind of design on their nails. Several nail bars have probably popped up on your local high street, but now you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Having the girls around for a drink and creating some lovely nail designs can be lots of fun. Think of it as changing your make-up and let it become part of your fashion routine.rn rnNail art suppliesrnYou will need a selection of different shades of nail polish, a small paint brush or dotting tool for that spotty look. Nail pens are becoming increasingly popular, with the graffiti trend in nail styles. Striping tape and a good pair of scissors, tweezers and a set of several sizes of nail art brushes can help you create amazing designs on your nails. You can use foils, which come in several colours, gold, copper, silver, or a combination of 2 colours. What ever takes your fancy, or whatever occasion, you can jazz up those nails to suit your outfit. Spots, stripes, glitter - you can never have too much glitter! All nail art tools and supplies can be purchased from our webshop. And remember the more practice you have, the better you will get at it, so go on, have a go.rn rnHandy tipsrnNails should be cleaned and neatly manicured before you start your painting. If you bite your nails and they are too short, why not consider applying false nails before you start your designs. You can mix glitter into the polish colours before painting your nails to give you that sparkle look. Why not use stick-on rhinestones to jazz up your nails or place a bead on each nail. To make your designs last longer, apply several coats of top coats. It's also best to use a cotton bud and nail polish remover to clean any polish application mistakes you make.rn rnRemember, nail art is like makeup - you just need practice and you will get it right. You need to try out things you like and style it to your choice. Buy your nail art tools online and create that perfect look for that Christmas party or Halloween. Bold and bright or soft and subtle - you can get the look!</p>
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